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Riverside Bank 3D View
Riverside Bank
Commercial & Office Buildings
Project Name: Riverside Bank - Poughkeepsie, NY

The Riverside bank is a 17,000 square foot two story commercial building with a maze of a basement comprised of various mechanical rooms, office spaces, vaults, storage spaces, stairwells and more. A technician from our team was able to capture the existing conditions on the exterior, interior and roof during normal business hours while remaining unobtrusive to the bank employees and customers. After two days out in the field scanning and an additional day spent registering, we handed off a complete, accurate, dimensional point cloud to our client so they could import it into a now data rich 3D modeling environment. Once an accurate as-built model is created, our client can better visualize their project in preconstruction, conduct a clash detection study, factor construction costs, collaborate with other project stakeholders and even extract 2D floor plans.

Baxter Built 
Project Size: 
34,000 S.F.
Project Category: 
Existing conditions scan
Provide dimensional 3D point cloud for construction takeoff 
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