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Project Name: Sugar Loaf Home - Chester, NY

We received an inquiry from a local architect who had been hired to design an addition to a charming 2-story residential home in Orange County, NY. Our client's approach to the design process began where it does for most architects - in need of exterior elevations and/or floor plans to have an immediate record of the existing conditions and to help communicate interior and exterior design options. In this case, we were hired to provide just that. By performing only a few scans around the exterior of the home, we were able to capture vertical height dimensions, grade lines, locations of windows and doors, roof features, and more. After a short day in the field scanning, we then registered a complete point cloud and converted it into a 3D Revit model where we were able to extract 2D elevations. By the end of this project, we managed to hand off the elevations without our client needing to visit the residential home himself. By leveraging 3D scanning for this project, not only did we deliver essential exterior data that would eliminate unnecessary scale and proportion rework, but we also offered a remote-based solution saving our client valuable time better spent staying productive on other projects.

Private Owner
Project Category: 
Existing conditions scan
Project Size: 
4,500 S.F.
Provide accurate elevation drawings for building addition 
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