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Rockland Green Topview
2nd Floor Layout with overlay
1st Floor Layout with overlay
Industrial & Factory
Project Name: Rockland Green MRF, Hillburn, NY

The value of 3D scanning really comes into play when one is tasked with documenting large commercial or industrial buildings. The concept of capturing "twice the data in half the time” is really put to the test when a building's total square footage starts to exceed 10k. The Materials Recycling Facility in Hillburn, NY serves as a notable case study exemplifying just that. At 36,000 square feet in total with a 10,000 square foot tipping floor, dense cubical spaces, 5,000 square ft designated to bale storage and an interactive museum for children, a single member from our team was able to scan the interior and exterior (roof included) of the entire facility in two 8-hour workdays; an otherwise impossible task considering the limitations a building of that magnitude can propose. Consider the tipping floor for example. Not only was this area of the building active and partially covered by various recycling materials, but, more notably, is sheltered by 50 ft tall ceilings with large steel beams running across the upper interior surface. From a safety standpoint, scanning technicians can't help but to develop a sense of gratitude knowing their means of collecting spatial data remains unobtrusive and close to the ground, given that lasers are able to reach surfaces technicians otherwise cannot without the aid of supplementary tools like ladders or lifts. The objective of this scan was to provide an updated set of floor plans so that a validation study can be conducted. Basically, the new plans we produced were compared to the 30-year-old as-bults that already existed, allowing project stakeholders to confirm areas that have remained unaltered and simultaneously highlight areas that have been modified during the lifespan of the building.

RRT Design & Construction
Project Category: 
Validation Scan
Project Size: 
36,000 S.F.
Provide an updated set of floor plans so that a validation study can be conducted
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