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Project Name: Summit School - Nyack, NY

This project was an existing conditions 3D scan of the interior and exterior of a school cafeteria in Nyack, NY. The client used the scan data to assist in the process of designing and drawing an addition that would eventually increase the overall size of the cafeteria. Using laser technology, our team swiftly captured the cafeteria and its surrounding area in only a few hours. Prior to using 3D scanning technology, traditionally, an architect would arrive on site with a small team, pencil and paper and would start taking hand-drawn field measurements of the space. Not only is the accuracy of each recorded dimension at the mercy of the individual, many times, architect firms find themselves returning to the site having realized all too late a crucial measurement or detail was missed. The Summit School project is an excellent example of how 3D scanning streamlines workflow and provides clients with more accurate dimensional data than traditional field measuring, as well as saving the clients time and money by not having to return to the site for a missed measurement and/or crucial detail.

Christopher JP Collins Architect
Project Size: 
2,100 S.F.
Project Category: 
Existing conditions scan
Provide accurate elevation drawings for building addition 
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