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2D Floorplans, survey maps, bid sets, specification manuals, are an essential piece to the building and design process. Our friendly team specializes in construction-related printing, offering an array of print items and services including wide format printing and copying, PDF digitization, binding strip production, spec book organization and production, full color signage and more.

Wide Format Printing & Scanning

Every project needs a set of plans.

Leave the printing to us. 

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Why 3D Scanning?

3D building surveying is replacing the traditional means of field measuring. Instead of hand-drawn fieldnotes and measurements, AEC members industry-wide are adopting the practice of working with fully dimensional 3D point clouds to document their projects allowing building professionals to see through a project quicker, more efficiently and more cost-effective than ever. Utilizing state of the art 3D laser technology, PCDS can swiftly and accurately capture the existing conditions of a site regardless of its size and intricacy.

3D Scanning

3D building surveying is replacing the traditional means of field measuring

360 Photo & Video Documentation

By utilizing fully dimensional 360-degree photo & video, PCDS offers biweekly & monthly site inspections so AEC members can verify compliance with building regulations, adhere to project demands, and better track construction progress virtually from anywhere.

360 Photo & Video Documentation

Digitize your jobsite so you can access on the go and collaborate virtually

Get organized

PCDS is proud to assist architects, engineers, and general contractors in navigating their building projects from conception to completion.  By offering project administration tools for public bid hosting, data management and project communication, PCDS functions as a member of the A/E/C team, enabling building professionals to focus on their strengths and better-grasp their project at large.




A proven system for your construction management team to communicate and stay organized 

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We provide the tools and accessibility your architecture team needs to collaborate effectively, throughout the lifecycle of the project.


Field tested techniques that result in high-quality data collection that is efficient, accurate & detailed so your team of engineers can complete MEP system designs with confidence. 


Value that goes beyond the life of the construction process. Archiving real world as-built digital documentation of your building to be used for future renovations, maintenance, insurance claims and more.  


Build with efficiency by preventing construction delays, control costs and reduce risk by seeing the issues beforehand and correcting them before they occur. 




Inspired by the practical applications and advances in 3D scanning technology, Printeks Construction Documentation Services was established with a vision of creating a better way to document existing conditions for design professionals, owners and developers. With the advancements of digital imaging technology Printeks quickly realized the benefits of applying that to construction, architecture, engineering, historic preservation, and other specialty project needs. As we move forward, our team remains committed to excellence with a passion for seeking solutions and bringing accuracy and efficiency to the building industry. 



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